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MapStruct adding 1 suffix to object

I am using mapstruct to map my DTO to entity, My Entity My DTO Generated MapStruct Implementation I tried editing the file but it is unable to create break and always gives break1 Answer Break is a reserved keyboard, use different name or it would always add 1 suffix for successful compilation.

Mapping multiple DTO to entities – nested exception

I’m trying to map DTOs to entities. I created a service that only takes care of mapping objects – ObjectMapper. DTO objects have relationships with each other. When I map a single object, for example when I create User, Group, Note, everything works. But when I want to use a method that returns a Note with a specific ID –

Map several fields to List with a mapstruct

for example, I have following entity: And a Dto object: Is there a proper way how to map Bank to BankDto, so employee1 and employee2 fields will be added to employeeList collection? Answer You can resolve your issue by adding an after mapping method to your mapping interface:

Setter in DTO just for integration testing?

I couldn’t find the info I’m looking for hence posting here for suggestion and getting to know better approach. I have an immutable DTO object like: Now I’m working on an integration test with testcontainer where I want the accountOpeningDate and installmentPaidDate to be dynamic value hence in order to set these values from Integration Tests, is it a good

Change httpresponse with DTO

I run in container fake smtp and it has own api, but it’s not readable and i dont need like 80% of response, so how i can use DTO to make response more readable and less verbose? it responses huge json, i need to implement my DTO to make it more readable and remove unnecessary parts of json Answer I

Jhipster4: what are the benefits of using DTO

Jhipster4 adds Data Transfer Objects (DTO) just what is the benefit of using DTO objects? Answer Main benefit is to control more precisely which properties you expose from your entities and also to expose entity aggregates rather than single entities.