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MapStruct is not generating implementation classes

I am using Mapstruct and Lombok with maven and IDEA and it is refusing to generate mappers implementation. Config: Both Mapstruct and Lombok are registered as annotations processors with idea: Implementation files does not generate when I try to build with IDEA or if I try maven clean install. I have tried changing Java from 11 to 8 and it

MapStruct – Can’t map property Optional to LocalDate

NOTE: This is unlike other questions on StackOverflow because they resolve this issue by mapping the two classes manually. Since ScheduleSource and ScheduleTarget are exactly the same classes, I want them to be mapped automatically. Hi, I have 2 classes ScheduleSource and ScheduleTarget. They have exactly the same properties. When I try to use MapStruct to map from ScheduleSource to

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Cannot find implementation for

I need help with the following error: UserMapper interface has annotation. I use eclipse Neon with buildship plugin, org.mapstruct and spring are imported with Gradle. It works without this error on my colleague’s IntelliJ Code for UserMapper: From what I read it could do something with compiler failing to connect auto-generated code (Gradle does not set anything in AnnotationProcessing>FactoryPath) Answer

How to convert an interface with MapStruct?

I made some research in the mapStruct documentation but did not find or understood what I could do to achieve this: the conversation of an entity containing an interface to a flat DTO object. Here the entity with the attribute: Here the DTO: We try this mapping : With a classic mapping, mapStruct generates an error (IUser is abstract; cannot