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Tag: spring-hateoas

Return link from Hateos

I have this old Spring Hateos code which I want to migrate to the latest version: I tried this: I get error at this line: Can you advise what is the correct way to implement this? Answer Based on your comments & question for migration this is what I am suggesting: …. //calling addLinlk And inside addLink: Tested with Java

“” because “propertyType” is null

A Spring Boot 2.5.1 application is logging this warning: whereas Spring Boot 2.4.4 does not. The POJO is trivial: and the Spring RestController is similarly: To trigger the warning submit a POST: The warning is triggered while “handling” the _links property of the EntityModel<SoPojo> but why and what can I do about it. Any ideas? Update: As dkb notes, this