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Tag: animation

Accessing elements inside a GraphicsContext in JavaFX canvas

I’m implementing a simple hockey game following an MVC pattern. I’m having trouble refreshing the player’s position, which I have created inside a canvas using the GraphicsContext.drawImage() method. I’m inside an AnimationTimer anonymous class, inside the handle method. The positions and boundaries are all reflected to the backend,so I don’t really need to do any particular logic here, I just

Animation doesn’t end – Android

In my app, I have a button to show a drop-down menu, inside of that menu we have some options, one of this is “flip A coin”, the purpose of this option is to flip a coin easy animation, that animation appears inside a textView, and show a head-side or a tail-side of a coin instead of the text in

Java fade in and out of images

I am trying to learn how to fade in and out images into another image or from another image. So, if I have 2 images, and 1 is being displayed at the moment, I want to display another image in the background and fade the first image out into the 2nd image. OR, I want to set the focus on