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Tag: android

How I can get LatLng class from Mapbox library?

I have updated a Mapbox library to the last version. Now I can’t find a LatLng class. With this package (com.mapbox.mapboxsdk.geometry.LatLng) LatLng class isn’t available at all. In the official documentation I cant find this class. Perhaps they replaced this class by another one. Answer Following this migrate-to-v10 documentation you should use Point: In v10, all the LatLng related methods

Fragment Size overlaps TabLayout

I found some similar problems but none of them solved my problem. But basically it’s exactly the same as on the other threads, that my viewPager fragment overlaps the tabLayout: Here is my source code: GroupBookFragment fragment_groupBook.xml fragment_groupBook_krippe fragment_groupBook_krippe.xml adapter_groupBook The weird thing is, whenever I delete RelativeLayout from the child fragments and used the ConstraintLayout only, the content gets

How to Call function in custom view in android studio activity activity_main.xml when I going to run that code in my device it keep closing. Log cat shows error like this. I use physical device to implement this code. I’m beginner android developer also. I follow different kind of tutorials but I could not be able to solve it.I want to use this custom component same as normal widgets

Android Room Relationship duplicating information

Having the weirdest issue here, all is working fine, except that my 1-to-M query is duplicating the data. Customer table Invoice table CustomerInvoice relation DAO If I debug my application, set a breakpoint to test the Room stuff, then use the ‘Evaluate’ feature in Android Studio, I do the following If I then retrieve the information using getAllCustInvoices() The list