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Tag: google-cloud-functions

Google Cloud Function java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError while following example code

i try to test a gcloud function with a storage trigger. The gcloud function should call a gcloud service which is public, but require authentication. I can execute the function locally without any problem. But on gcloud I can found a NoClassDefFoundError in the function logs. Failed to execute functions.HelloGcs java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: io/opencensus/trace/propagation/TextFormat$Setter at at at at

How to trigger Cloud Dataflow pipeline job from Cloud Function in Java?

I have a requirement to trigger the Cloud Dataflow pipeline from Cloud Functions. But the Cloud function must be written in Java. So the Trigger for Cloud Function is Google Cloud Storage’s Finalise/Create Event, i.e., when a file is uploaded in a GCS bucket, the Cloud Function must trigger the Cloud dataflow. When I create a dataflow pipeline (batch) and