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How to get the inmediate child directory of a file path in Java?

I want to navigate the file system and get the path to the child of a directory (if exists) without the root. For example: Input: Users/Documents/SVG Output: Documents/SVG My solution so far is to hardcode a string manipulation of the path: Is there a more elegant way to do this? Answer Path.relativize() can help You can convert this Path back

How to downgrade JDK?

Currently my Java version is 17. Neo4j requires me to install Java 11 or OpenJDK 11, or else it will give the error java.lang.IllegalAccessException: module java.base does not open java.nio to unnamed module @1817d444. I guess I need to downgrade to JDK 11. Java Platform, Standard Edition 11 Reference Implementations is the only place I can get JDK 11. However

How to get .jar resources path?

I’m using a custom method to get pictures from the resources/ folder. The hardcoded path works well when programming during production (src/main/resources/). However when delivering, I would need to …

When to use ** (double star) in glob syntax within JAVA

Directly from this Java Oracle tutorial: Two asterisks, **, works like * but crosses directory boundaries. This syntax is generally used for matching complete paths. Could anybody do a real example out of it? What do they mean with “crosses directory boundary”? Crossing the directory boundary, I imagine something like checking the file from root to getNameCount()-1. Again a real