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Regex split string in double quotes

I have the following string I need to split by double quotes. below is the sample string When I try to split the string by double quotes, knowing that some quotes can be empty I tried the following : String[] split = raw.split(“”(\w\s+|\s+)””); it is close but I seem to be missing something. Answer You can simply split it on

Split by regex vs multiple one char splits performance

I compared splitting string by regex and by multiple one char splits, using this benchmark and got these results Why splitting by regex is slower than splitting by multiple individual characters, even though they produce the same result? Note: I ran the code on JDK 14.0.2 I used JMH 1.28 Answer String.split implementation has the optimized fast path for splitting

Get error when trying to split file path in Java

For the above code, I get the following output where p is a Path object. C:repoUnit-test-coverageabcdunit-test-repopcmbbsourcepcmbbdatabaseWorkOrderTenderUtil.plsql I want to get the file name without extension. So I tried the below code. Then I got the following output. WorkOrderTenderUtil.plsql To get the filename without extension what I tried to split the above output by .. But splitting is not happening as

Splitting string doesn’t give expected output

I want to split a given string according to the given format -> ,;:.?! .What I am doing is given below, but whenever it is encountering more than 1 space it is adding space to the array. I just want the word not the space. INPUT:: hello Hello HEllo hi hi: hi! Welcome, welcome OUTPUT:: 13 hello Hello HEllo hi