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Tag: tabs

Place icon into top right of tabpane javaFX

I am using JavaFX 8 and have a tab pane as this: I was wondering if there was any way to place an icon into the top right of the tab pane such as in this My goal is to have a colored indicator in the top right of the tab pane that I can toggle between green and red

Enable/Disable uitabs in MATLAB

I’m using uitab group in matlab in my GUI. However one limitation of the UItabgroup is absence of enable/disable feature.I tried to use other alternative by using a function from the matlab communnity …

JEditorPane – make tabs spaces

I’m wondering if there’s a way to have tabs convert to spaces in a jeditorpane, much like you’d see when working in an IDE. I don’t want to set the tab size. I can already do that easily. I want to have tabs replaced with their equivalent in spaces. So for example if my tabs are 5 spaces long, I