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Split a String with delimiter – , (comma) and double quotes over every value in java

I have a String value as – [“My, fancy, text”, “My, other, value”]

I want to get the output as a List with elements as –

My, fancy, text
My, other, value

The enclosing bracketts are to be removed.It may happen that enclosing bracketts ‘[‘ and ‘]’ are not present. ‘


Assuming the requirement is to remove all the square brackets and finding text between double quotes as individual string. Below Code might help

        String[] data = Stream.of(
            input.replaceAll("\[", "")//replace all [
            .replaceAll("\]","")//replace all ]
            .replaceAll("",","")// replace the comma between strings,
            .split("""))//now split the string based on double quotes
            .filter(str ->str.trim().length() > 1)//filtering out the string which contains only whitespace
            .toArray(String[]::new);//collecting the data in an array

    //data[0] = My, fancy, text
    //data[1] = My, other, value