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Passing variable from JFrame to JPanel?

Now i’ve spent about an hour searching the web for a solution and I either see solutions that seem too complex for me or No solution at all. I’m a student so I’m fairly new to coding so excuse my lack of knowledge on the subject. But this issue has been bugging me for way longer than I feel like it should.

After searching i settled upon the idea of placing a method inside the JFrame that just returns said variable.

Then in the JPanel I would just call this method and assign it to a variable. Then use that variable to draw the oval. This however doesn’t work or more so i think it’s not receiving a value because eclipse shows no issues. I try placing the getter method calls where the “x’s” would be but nothing. Though when put constants in those spots like “50” it prints a circle.

Am I going about this right?? How can I pass a value from the Jframe to the Jpanel?


public class circ {
public static void main(String[] args)
     circMain  cM = new circMain();
     cM.setSize(600, 600);


public class circMain extends JFrame {

private circRan circRan;
private calcBox calcBox;

double x = Math.random()*100;
double y = Math.random()*100;
int xfinal = (int)x;
int yfinal = (int)y;

public circMain() {
    super("Random Circle");
    circRan  = new circRan();
    calcBox  = new calcBox();
    add(circRan, BorderLayout.NORTH);   
    add(calcBox, BorderLayout.SOUTH);

public int getX() {
    return xfinal;

public int getY() {
    return yfinal;



public class circRan extends JPanel {

int x = getX();

public void paint(Graphics g)
    g.drawOval(50, 50, x, x);


edit day 2-the get method(in circMain):

public int getX() {
    return xfinal;

then I place this is circRan:

int x = getX();

still not.. Welp assignment is due by the end of today feel like the solution is something simple I’m missing as it usually is.. and its aggravating.


The line

int x = getX();

is equivalent to

int x = this.getX();

i.e. your class variable circRan.x will get the return value of calling the function getX() declared for class circRan, which is declared for JComponent, a superclass of JPanel.

What you want to achieve is calling the function declared for instances of circMain (which btw overrides the getX() which is declared by JFrames superclass Component). For this you’d need the instance of circMain you want this value of.

Alternatively, if all instances of circMain share this value (or if only one instance will exist) you can declare x,xfinal and getX() static. Then you can call circMain.getX(), calling the static function directly on the class rather than an instance. Depends on your use case, though.