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Tag: neo4j

How to downgrade JDK?

Currently my Java version is 17. Neo4j requires me to install Java 11 or OpenJDK 11, or else it will give the error java.lang.IllegalAccessException: module java.base does not open java.nio to unnamed module @1817d444. I guess I need to downgrade to JDK 11. Java Platform, Standard Edition 11 Reference Implementations is the only place I can get JDK 11. However

import org.neo4j cannot be resolved?

I am very new to Neo4j and I’d like to get started with an embedded Neo4j in a Java Application. I try to run a HelloWorld Application as follows. import org.neo4j.driver.AuthTokens; import org.neo4j….

Memory map for Neo4j embedded

When using Neo4j in the embedded mode (Java API), one can manually set memory map settings using the following API calls (or similar): My question is: Is the mapped memory allocated out of Java heap/extended memory or from the rest of the memory available. I know that for Neo4j server the latter is correct as long as it is run