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Tag: javaagents

Get jar manifest attributes from Java agent

I am running my own java agent on a jar containing some sample code. Input to the command line: I’m currently providing the sample-code.jar’s main class (as stated in its manifest) as an arg to the agent, although, I’m trying to find a way to access the sample-code.jar’s manifest’s Main-Class attribute from within the agent’s premain. I tried some of

Make a Java class visible from any ClassLoader

I’m using a Java Agent (Agent.class) to transform a method in a program (Program.class) in a way that includes a call to the Agent class. I’ve inspected the class loaders and their parents of both Agent and Program classes, and their hierarchy looks like this: Agent.class: AppClassLoader <- PlatformClassLoader <- null Program.class: URLClassLoader <- PlatformClassLoader <- null When the Program

Is ReactorDebugAgent suitable for production?

I read how to enable ReactorDebugAgent here: But I don’t know if it’s feasible to have such debug agent enabled by default on the production environment or only when something unusual happens? Answer The section name, as of 18th Feb 2022, is: 7.4. Production-ready Global Debugging which seems to suggest that it is indeed suitable to be used in