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Variables are not coming up null during Postman call

Setting up an Java Postman call assigning values to the variables but its shows null. My Pojo Student Class Postman Request Answer your request body should be like this: because you are getting StudentRequest as RequestBody and it means you should send StudentRequest internal properties not containing StudentRequest it self in request , second problem is that your RequestBody contains

Java Spring REST Controller classes as runtime plugins

currently I want to implement a plugin system into my spring application. The idea is that there is a main spring application which monitors a folder for new jar files. When I put a new jar file in the folder then the main appliation should automatically lift up the RestController classes for usage without downtime. In the plugin jar there

Template might not exists

Im trying to call restapi and im getting error org.thymeleaf.exceptions.TemplateInputException: Error resolving template [view-fields], template might not exist or might not be accessible by any of the configured Template Resolvers at org.thymeleaf.engine.TemplateManager.resolveTemplate( ~[thymeleaf-3.0.12.RELEASE.jar:3.0.12.RELEASE] at org.thymeleaf.engine.TemplateManager.parseAndProcess( ~[thymeleaf-3.0.12.RELEASE.jar:3.0.12.RELEASE] at org.thymeleaf.TemplateEngine.process( ~[thymeleaf-3.0.12.RELEASE.jar:3.0.12.RELEASE] at org.thymeleaf.TemplateEngine.process( ~[thymeleaf-3.0.12.RELEASE.jar:3.0.12.RELEASE] at org.thymeleaf.spring5.view.ThymeleafView.renderFragment( ~[thymeleaf-spring5-3.0.12.RELEASE.jar:3.0.12.RELEASE] at org.thymeleaf.spring5.view.ThymeleafView.render( ~[thymeleaf-spring5-3.0.12.RELEASE.jar:3.0.12.RELEASE] at org.springframework.web.servlet.DispatcherServlet.render( ~ etc properties Maybe this would help Answer According to

How to add a field from body to a condition

I use the @StreamListener annotation to listen to the topic. How can I add a field from body to the condition? An example of an entity that is sent to the topic: Answer As you can see from version 3.0, you should avoid using filtering based on the message payload. Notice these lines from the documentation: The preceding code is