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Order between @ControllerAdvice and custom Aspect

tl;dr How can I define the order of custom aspects and the @ControllerAdvice? Detailed description I want to decorate various methods (like normal REST-Calls or a @JmsListener) with MDC information on controller-level. The idea is: I, as a developer, don’t have to think about the MDC data in my controller-methods. I want extra MDC-information (e.g. the userId) and I can

Is there any way to inject Interceptor from external library in Spring?

I’m developing a jar library and trying to inject an interceptor from external jar library to Application. For example: External Lib I tried to using AOP in external libs but it’s not working. In Application using that lib: Application Is there any way to inject an interceptor from external lib to App? I know the question is

How does the double-dot “..” syntax work in AspectJ?

i need to put this aop aspect to work, but i always get error 404, i need to know if this dots, after controller is right. idk how these dots works, to acess the controller. if can explain how the dots works. Answer would mean – the execution of any method defined in the com.teste1.teste2.web.controller package or one of its

Accessing spring bean proxy reference itself

I have an issue with @Cacheable and @CacheEviction annotations. When I call these methods in the bean where they are declared, the aop part is not getting executed. The underlying reason for this is that the bean access to its own instance itself, instead of accessing the spring proxy. I have read this question where it is said that in

Maven: compile aspectj project containing Java 1.6 source

Primary Question What I want to do is fairly easy. Or so you would think. However, nothing is working properly. Requirement: Using maven, compile Java 1.6 project using AspectJ compiler. Note: Our code cannot compile with javac. That is, it fails compilation if aspects are not woven in (because we have aspects that soften exceptions). Update 2/21/2011: There are two