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Order between @ControllerAdvice and custom Aspect

tl;dr How can I define the order of custom aspects and the @ControllerAdvice? Detailed description I want to decorate various methods (like normal REST-Calls or a @JmsListener) with MDC information on controller-level. The idea is: I, as a developer, don’t have to think about the MDC data in my controller-methods. I want extra MDC-information (e.g. the userId) and I can

Using AOP and DI itself causes Spring ApplicationListener to be fired twice

Software versions Spring Version 5.3.18 and earlier JDK Version 1.8.0_202 Overview When I use Spring ApplicationListener, in order to prevent transaction invalidation, my ApplicationListener implementation class writes the following code (of course, the code can be written differently to avoid this problem), which will cause my listener to trigger twice after the event is published. I think it’s not normal,

Is there any way to inject Interceptor from external library in Spring?

I’m developing a jar library and trying to inject an interceptor from external jar library to Application. For example: External Lib I tried to using AOP in external libs but it’s not working. In Application using that lib: Application Is there any way to inject an interceptor from external lib to App? I know the question is

Executing Spring AOP aspects for annotations aliased with @AliasFor

The idea is to create annotations hierarchy (similar to @Service, @Component etc) using @AliasFor annotation. This should give me the possibility to define aspect, that would execute on parent annotation, and every alias of it. But somehow it doesn’t work for me. @ComponentScan is fine, @EnableAspectJAutoProxy is set. Example: UPDATE: I’ve updated code, as @M.Deinum suggested in a comment below.

How does the double-dot “..” syntax work in AspectJ?

i need to put this aop aspect to work, but i always get error 404, i need to know if this dots, after controller is right. idk how these dots works, to acess the controller. if can explain how the dots works. Answer would mean – the execution of any method defined in the com.teste1.teste2.web.controller package or one of its

Adding @Aspect throws BeanCreationException

I am trying to use AOP in Spring. When I am using old DTD methods in XML, things are working fine. But when I am trying to use AspectJ notations, I am facing some issues. I downloaded the JAR files for aspectj from here. I added them to the build path and the code containing @Aspect annotations compiled successfully. But