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how to pick set joinpoints in specific methods in AspectJ

I’m developing an Advice and I want to make it advise only on field sets in specific methods. I tried cflow(pointcutForSpecificMethod()) && set(* *) pointcut expression but it picks field sets in other methods under control flow of specific methods. Any idea? Answer This is not possible directly with an exact pointcut expression, but you can use if() pointcuts to

Implementation of AspectJ example not working

I’m try to implement a simple AspectJ annotation example from The difference is, that I want to use the annotation at a JUnit TestClass. I googled a while for the solution but don’t find the right hint. Part of my pom.xml My Annotation: My Aspect: The Advice is mentions to the class annotation, I see it in the logs:

How does the double-dot “..” syntax work in AspectJ?

i need to put this aop aspect to work, but i always get error 404, i need to know if this dots, after controller is right. idk how these dots works, to acess the controller. if can explain how the dots works. Answer would mean – the execution of any method defined in the com.teste1.teste2.web.controller package or one of its

Spring AOP and AspectJ on same method

I have a question about using aspectJ and spring aop method intercepting. I created 2 annotations: @AJTest and @SAOPTest. registered it and other and register it and added it to my method in controller Application class but when i call it by http://localhost:8080/test?firstParam=test&secondParam=2 i can’t see message with time of execution of the method, but can see how many parameters

Spring AOP @Pointcut and @Before yields IllegalArgumentException: error at ::0 formal unbound in pointcut

I am doing a springboot project that includes login and accounts. I am trying to @Pointcut all controller method calls and validate the login information, and @Before the pointcut to make sure the session exists. Hence the code: However, this yields org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name ‘projectingArgumentResolverBeanPostProcessor’ defined in class path resource [org/springframework/data/web/config/ProjectingArgumentResolverRegistrar.class]: BeanPostProcessor before instantiation of bean failed;

How to extract telemetry code from different methods? Decorator pattern? AOP?

We are using Application Insights to monitor different service calls in our applications. Data for Application Insights is provided by many different methods and classes but always in an identical way/by identical code fragments: How am I able to extract those wrapping try catch fragments to one point of responsibility? I took a look at the dacorator pattern but I

Issues in serializing API request argument in Spring boot application

I have written one aspect to serialize the request arguments for APIs in Spring boot application, in DB as follows: The above code snippet is failing if we get HttpServletRequest/ByteStream as a request argument. For example, for byte stream I am getting following exceptions: For the request type of HttpServletRequest, I am getting StackOverflow error. Actually, I would like to