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Tag: spring-aop

Spring AOP and AspectJ on same method

I have a question about using aspectJ and spring aop method intercepting. I created 2 annotations: @AJTest and @SAOPTest. registered it and other and register it and added it to my method in controller Application class but when i call it by http://localhost:8080/test?firstParam=test&secondParam=2 i can’t see message with time of execution of the method, but can see how many parameters

Spring AOP @Pointcut and @Before yields IllegalArgumentException: error at ::0 formal unbound in pointcut

I am doing a springboot project that includes login and accounts. I am trying to @Pointcut all controller method calls and validate the login information, and @Before the pointcut to make sure the session exists. Hence the code: However, this yields org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name ‘projectingArgumentResolverBeanPostProcessor’ defined in class path resource [org/springframework/data/web/config/ProjectingArgumentResolverRegistrar.class]: BeanPostProcessor before instantiation of bean failed;

Issues in serializing API request argument in Spring boot application

I have written one aspect to serialize the request arguments for APIs in Spring boot application, in DB as follows: The above code snippet is failing if we get HttpServletRequest/ByteStream as a request argument. For example, for byte stream I am getting following exceptions: For the request type of HttpServletRequest, I am getting StackOverflow error. Actually, I would like to

Adding @Aspect throws BeanCreationException

I am trying to use AOP in Spring. When I am using old DTD methods in XML, things are working fine. But when I am trying to use AspectJ notations, I am facing some issues. I downloaded the JAR files for aspectj from here. I added them to the build path and the code containing @Aspect annotations compiled successfully. But