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Tag: spring

Synchronous publish for rabbitmq

I want to have two sets API for the clients to publish messages sync send(no retry, fail immediately and send status back to the clients synchronously) async send (publisher and confirm callback, with retry, log and drop the message after certain retries). I am able to implement this by enabling confirm and return. Is there any way to implement Synchronous

Spring Integration file only once from SFTP across several sessions

I have a Spring Integration WorkFlow which downloads files from a SFTP directory. This is done with a RemoteFileInboundChannelAdapterSpec and IntegrationFlows. Spring Integration remembers within a session which files it has already downloaded, can I do this across sessions e.g. through a database and if so how? Answer It is done not within the session, but by some specific FileListFilter

Use batch mode for dynamic listener

I am using a dynamic message listener. An example is shown below. I want to convert this to a batch listener (consume multiple messages at once). Is there a way to convert this, so that the listener consumes a list of consumer records? I am using spring-kafka with spring-boot. Thanks in advance Answer Implement BatchAcknowledgingConsumerAwareMessageListener instead.

Autowired property is null in EnvironmentPostProcessor implementation class on startup

In my SpringBoot app, I have Autowired an configObject in the class that implements EnvironmentPostProcessor. The injected class reads data from a different source on startup as this is required for the app to work. But upon starting the application, the configObject is coming off as Null. And the AppEnvironmentPostProcessor class where the Autowired object is called. This class is

Db insertion row if not exist spring boot

I have a two instances of one spring boot microservice. If two requests are sent at the same time, and the second request can update the row that was created by the first request. How i can prevent this? For example the table contains this columns :id,format,username,groupName and if a row exists (3,”test”,”test”,”test”) and if we try to insert another

Hibernate Native SQL returns some nulls instead of partially filled objects

I have the following (postgress) SQL Query: And what it does is it creates a series of 6 hours per day and takes averages from it. A result may look like this: variable_id date_time sample_count sample_period_ms min_value max_value value 15 2021-06-06 06:00:00 120 59577 -1.4960686 1.1995025 0.30439844254136744 15 2021-06-06 12:00:00 120 59577 -1.4887594 1.1997863 0.30570657099738263 15 2021-06-06 18:00:00 120 59577