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Two java files. Getting IllegalAccessError when running class with main method trying to access a method from the other file

Learning Java. I have two files, each containing one java class. When I run the file with the main method, I get the following error: Exception in thread “main” java.lang.IllegalAccessError: failed to access class TapeDeck from class TapeDeckTestDrive (TapeDeck is in unnamed module of loader ‘app’; TapeDeckTestDrive is in unnamed module of loader$MemoryClassLoader @18bf3d14) at TapeDeckTestDrive.main( Any help please?

Are values returned by static method are static?

Please consider this code Will this static method return a new instance of MyClass every time it is called? or it is going to return a reference to the same instance over and over? Answer Lol lol lol Declaring a method static means it is a class method and can be called on the class without an instance (and can’t

ATM Machine in Java

I have been trying to figure out what is going wrong with this program I’m writing. Heres the full description of what I’m trying to do: Use the Account class created in Programming Exer- cise 9.7 to …

null pointer exception error calling method

I get this null pointer exception error if i call a method. if (farm1.cropStat(row, col) ) here’s the method here’s the initialization pls help 🙁 Answer Whenever you see a pattern that looks like this replace it with the equivalent It is the same thing. As far as the error goes, you need to reverse the order of your checks

How do I execute a method at a particular time in java?

Is there any way to write a program in java, so that its main method schedule (or at a 10-15 min interval) another method to executes it at a particular interval? Answer I think you are looking for the Time class. See Timer Class API You can use this class like: You want to perform a Method every 600 miliseconds.

Why does this Java method appear to have two return types?

where Foo is my own class. What is the return type of this method? Why does it seem to have two return types? Answer No, you don’t have two return types. It’s a generic method you are seeing. <E extends Foo> → You are declaring a generic type for your method; List<E> → This is your return type. Your method