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Simple calculator program in Java

I am a newbie coder in Java and I am trying to make this calculator in java where a user can enter two numbers and select the operation to be done on those numbers. However when the code comes to selecting the operator it skips the user input and the if statement and directly implements the else statement. Answer Add

Substituting parameters in log message and add a Throwable in Log4j 2

I am trying to log an exception, and would like to include another variable’s value in the log message. Is there a Logger API that does this? Answer Have you tried looking at ParameterizedMessage? From the docs Parameters: messagePattern – The message “format” string. This will be a String containing “{}” placeholders where parameters should be substituted. objectArgs – The

How to get response body in Zuul post filter?

How it is possible to read a response body while using Zuul as a proxy in post filter? I am trying to call the code like this: Answer I’ve managed to overcome this. The solution consists of 4 steps: Read ctx.getResponseDataStream() into a ByteArrayOutputStream Copy OutputStream to 2 InputStreams. Use one of it for your custom purposes. Use the second

how to get Indian Time Standard from in java?

I want to know date and time in Indian standard time and I don’t want to use my system time and date. I have never used Network Transfer Protocol (NTP) but by browsing through internet i think ntp can …