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Eclipse JUnit 5 support

Currently, JUnit 5 is just out with a “stable” version. IntelliJ supports JUnit 5 according to the Website. My question is if eclipse is supporting JUnit 5 as well, and if not when it is going to be supported. With supported I mean if I can run JUnit 5 tests without the need for a @RunWith(PlatformRunner.class) annotation.

EDIT October 2017: Eclipse now officially supports JUnit 5 as of Eclipse Oxygen1.a (4.7.1a)



You can run JUnit 5 tests in Eclipse 4.7 Oxygen after installing the JUnit 5 Support (BETA) for Oxygen 4.7 plugin that you can find in the Eclipse Marketplace. After a complete Eclipse restart, open your project properties at

Java Build Path -> Libraries -> Add Library -> JUnit -> JUnit 5

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