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Jackson read json in generic List

I’m using Jackson in order to read json messages. One of the values that I’ trying to parse is a List and another value contains the type of the data in the list. This is the structure i ‘ve created in java. Through Class.forName(); I can get the class which represents the data in the list. The question is how

if else statement not working jsp

Is there anything wrong with my code? My if else statement is not working. Answer You need to use the .equals method to test for string equality. Try this instead:

Initiate download from certain byte

I would like to implement a distributed download manager on android that initiates downloads at certain byte lengths. So this way portions of files can be downloaded instead of only from the beginning to the end of the http request. Nothing innovative about it, I just don’t know how to do it. (It’s not bitorrent either) In java http apache