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How do I prevent a long overflow?

My assignment ask us to ask the user to enter a number and print the factorial of it, it also ask us to not allow the user to chose any negative number or number over 25, when they do, we loop them back to scanner to re renter a number we were also told to store the number in a

Why do Primitive Data Types have a Fixed Size?

Locked for 3540 days. Comments on this question have been disabled, but it is still accepting new answers and other interactions. Learn more. Translation in Spanish Translation in Portuguese In some of the programming languages, typically C, C++ and Java, the integer data types are int, short and long. The int data type is usually 32-bit. The short data type

Java hex calculation

I have the long value bits declared like so: long bits = len*8L; (304) System.out.println(bits); This outputs as 304 If I use the long name bits like so I get 0 & 0 respectively. If I use the actual number, like so, I get 304 and 48 respectively I’m trying to convert this Java to JavaScript but JavaScript gives me

Issue Converting seconds to HH:MM:SS java

I have a long variable which represents the downtime of an application in seconds. I want to display the downtime as HH:mm:ss When passing the long variable to the Date I multiplied it 1000 to get the millisecond value. The newD variable evaluates to Thu Jan 01 01:12:35 GMT 1970 The value of newD is off by 1 hour, 755

Integer parameters formula returns integer

Code below makes foo value as -1149239296 i. e. integer value which is out of bounds: Seems like Java takes type of first parameter and tryes to return formula’s result with that type. Where in Java specification one can read that story? I made such suggestion cause actually returns sets long value to foo. Answer For this case, casting any

How to check a Long for null in java

How do I check a Long value for null in Java? Will this work? Answer Primitive data types cannot be null. Only Object data types can be null. There are 8 primitive types in Java: Data Type Size Description byte 1 byte Int8 short 2 bytes Int16 int 4 bytes Int32 long 8 bytes Int64 float 4 bytes Single double

SQLite 64bit integers recognized as ints in jooq

I have an SQLite database that I am using with jOOQ. When I use jOOQ’s code generation tool, it builds all of the table and record classes as expected. However, all of the SQLite INTEGER columns turn into java.lang.Integer fields in the generated code. The problem is that SQLite INTEGER’s can store up to a 64 bit signed integer, where