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Viewing a java applet outside of the browser without appletviewer

I found some old published java applets. Ideally, it would be great to run that in the browser but newer versions of Chrome (which my students have) makes running Java applets nearly impossible. I can’t expect all my students to have appletviewer since it’s deprecated and not shipped with newer versions of the JDK. Is there an easy way to

Applet not running

Im fairly new to java and applet but when I run my code I expect to be greeted with some sort of applet window however nothing happens when I run. What am I doing wrong, or am I missing something ? …

Applet: Java heap space

Due to a small implementation mistake I discovered how quickly I could reach a Java heap space issue now the bug is fixed everything is fine but it did get me looking into how to solve this and I foudn multiple solution such as java -Xms5m -Xmx15m MyApp the problem is that this changes the java memory on my computer,

.class vs .java

What’s the difference between a .class file and a .java file? I am trying to get my applet to work but currently I can only run it in Eclipse, I can’t yet embed in HTML. Thanks **Edit: How to compile …