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Viewing a java applet outside of the browser without appletviewer

I found some old published java applets. Ideally, it would be great to run that in the browser but newer versions of Chrome (which my students have) makes running Java applets nearly impossible.

I can’t expect all my students to have appletviewer since it’s deprecated and not shipped with newer versions of the JDK. Is there an easy way to create a wrapper to start a java Swing frame that can start the applet? I’ve tried looking at this other question and this guide but I don’t think I have the right incantation. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!



Please consider using CheerpJ Applet Runner, available for Chrome and Edge

It is an easy to use, single click extension that can run legacy Java applets in modern browsers securely and without requiring any additional software.

Full disclosure, I am CTO of Leaning Technologies and lead developer of the CheerpJ technology.

The CheerpJ Applet Runner extension is free for educational/personal use, but please note that any other use requires a license. For more info see here.

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