SpringJUnit4ClassRunner class not found

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i am trying to create a unit test using SpringJUnit4ClassRunner but everytime i execute the test it says it cannot find SpringJUnit4ClassRunner using mvn install. srctestjavacomjrfreedomutil…

Array of LinkedList adding new nodes

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I’ve created an array (using the second answer from this method) by: public static LinkedList[] map; … // later …. map = (LinkedList[]) new LinkedList[count]; …

Many to many with Hibernate and annotations for self referencing

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My brain is starting to hurt thinking about this, is it as simple as: @ManyToMany(mappedBy = “following”, cascade = CascadeType.ALL) private Set followers = new HashSet(); @…

Size of byte array gets double when it retrieve from Postgres database

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I am using JSF2.0, jetty server and Postgres database. I want to store mp3 file in database in byte array formet. I upload the byte array of mp3 file. But when I retrive same byte array from database …

How to match any combination of letters using regex?

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How can I match letters a,b,c once in any combination and varying length like this: The expression should match these cases: abc bc a b bca but should not match these ones: abz aab cc x

JFileChooser change default directory in Windows

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I want to change the default directory of my JFileChooser to “My Music” on Windows. This directory is C:UsersFreMusic on my account because my username is Fre The default is set on C:UsersFre…

Needing to double click EditText for click listener to respond

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I have a section of code where I want to change the text showing in a textView when the user selects an EditText box. The problem I am having is that the textView only changes when I double click the …

Monads with Java 8

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In the interests of helping to understand what a monad is, can someone provide an example using java ? Are they possible ? Lambda expressions are possible using java if you download the pre-release …

Java TCP Client/Server

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I have a problem which I do not know how to proceed further in Java TCP socket issue. So far as what we can get from the Internet, it’s not hard to get quite a number of working solution for TCP …

JPA could not locate named parameter

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I keep getting the following error: “could not locate named parameter [articleCommentId]” but it doesn’t make sense to me because to me the named parameter is very much in place. public …