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Tag: spring-boot

Maven spring boot run debug with arguments

Usually I’m running my Spring Boot application with command: I want to set custom port to debug, so I can connect from eclipse. When I add arguments from example it works but other arguments like server.port or are no longer recognized and I get exception like: Question: How I can run with all arguments? Answer The behavior and

Overriding beans in Integration tests

For my Spring-Boot app I provide a RestTemplate though a @Configuration file so I can add sensible defaults(ex Timeouts). For my integration tests I would like to mock the RestTemplate as I dont want to connect to external services – I know what responses to expect. I tried providing a different implementation in the integration-test package in the hope that

Does Spring Boot support multimodule maven projects?

I’m just curious about the level of support Spring Boot has for multimodule maven projects. There’s so much work that has to be done when creating a good layered set of projects (especially getting the various JPA/JDO enhancers set up). All of the samples I’ve seen put everything into one project, which is fine for simple demos. Can Spring Boot