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Suspicious call to ‘LinkedHashMap.get’

Hello I have the following code Since the Object I use as a Key is dynamically generated I have no knowledge about it so I have to find it before I can use it to get its value. This code gives me the warning Suspicious call to ‘LinkedHashMap.get’, is that a problem and how would I get rid of the

How to Get data from nested LinkedHashMap

How to get the “test” data from this linkedHashMap response.get(“url”) = null response.get(“data.images.original.url”) = null response.get(“data”).get(“images”).get(“original”).get(“url”) toString(); result{data={images={original={url=test}}}}; Answer The “right” way would be And yes, this is ugly as all heck. Mostly because of the types you’ve chosen. By making the value of your maps Object you’ve gained flexibility on what to put in, but you put the burden

Convert from LinkedHashMap to Json String

I’m Workin with Mongo using Jongo, when I do a query I receive a LinkedHashMap as result. the problem is that if the json is {“user”:”something”} content will be {user=something}, it is not a json is only toString method from HashMap. How I can get the original JSON? I don’t have a class to map the response and it isn’t

Casting LinkedHashMap to Complex Object

I’ve got an application that stores some data in DynamoDB using Jackson to marshall my complex object into a JSON. For example the object I’m marshalling might look like this: Where SomeObject might look like this: and SomeOtherObject might look like this: This is fine an the object gets marshalled no problem and stored in the DB as a JSON