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Suspicious call to ‘LinkedHashMap.get’

Hello I have the following code

public static LinkedHashMap<Object, String[]> dataMap = new LinkedHashMap<>();

public static void parseDataset(int line){
  String[] dataArr = dataMap.get(dataMap.keySet().toArray()[line]);

Since the Object I use as a Key is dynamically generated I have no knowledge about it so I have to find it before I can use it to get its value.

This code gives me the warning Suspicious call to ‘LinkedHashMap.get’, is that a problem and how would I get rid of the warning?



You don’t need to use get: instead of converting the keys to an array, use values() instead. This works because values() iterates in the same order as the corresponding keys():

String[] dataArr = (String[]) dataMap.values().toArray()[line];

But you don’t need to use toArray() either, which wastefully allocates an array containing all values, from which you only want one: you can just iterate through the values to get the thing you want:

static String[] nthItem(int n) {
  int i = 0;
  for (String[] value : dataMap.values()) {
    if (i == n) return value;
  throw new ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException();


String[] dataArr = dataMap.values().stream().skip(line).findFirst().orElseThrow();

(Existing implementations of this sort of thing can be found in commonly-used libraries, e.g. Guava’s Iterables.get)

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