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Convert from LinkedHashMap to Json String

I’m Workin with Mongo using Jongo, when I do a query I receive a LinkedHashMap as result.

Iterator one = (Iterator) friends.find(query).projection("{_id:0}").as(Object.class);
while (one.hasNext()) {
    LinkedHashMap data = new LinkedHashMap();
    data = (LinkedHashMap);
    String content = data.toString();

the problem is that if the json is {"user":"something"} content will be {user=something}, it is not a json is only toString method from HashMap.

How I can get the original JSON?

I don’t have a class to map the response and it isn’t a solution create a map class, that is why I use a Object.class.



If you have access to some JSON library, it seems like that’s the way to go.

If using org.json library, use public JSONObject(java.util.Map map):

String jsonString = new JSONObject(data).toString()

If Gson, use the gson.toJson() method mentioned by @hellboy:

String jsonString = new Gson().toJson(data, Map.class);
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