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Tag: kotlin

Predicate alternative in Kotlin

I try to create lambda in Kotlin. I has following Java interface: public interface Specification extends Serializable { @Nullable Predicate toPredicate(Root root, …

Map and groupBy values in a stream

I have a wrapper that may or may not contain data: I group one user to multiple contacts: It groups val mailsByUser: Map<String, List<EmailAdapter>> I want to group all emails to a unique user I want to unwrap the EmailAdapter so that the relation is EmailAdapter.user -> List<EmailAdapter.mail> or val mailsByUser: Map<String, List<Email>> I fail in the last step –

Combine two lists by ID

I have two lists of objects with contents that look like this: List A id = 1, name = “alex”, height = null, weight = 60 id = 2, name = “sara”, height = null, weight = 50 List B id …

Issue in Native Ad Flutter using google_mobile_sdk

I want to monetise my Flutter app using google_mobile_ads library with Native ads. I am facing some issues while facing this documentation – I am not sure where to put the my_native_ad.xml file so that it can be referred by the Kotlin Main Activity File. Also, in the MainActivity file, I am facing some errors :- e: /Users/yash/AndroidStudioProjects/VideoPlayer/android/app/src/main/kotlin/dev/jideguru/filex/MainActivity.kt: (26,