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java – Set final fields with reflection in Constructor

I’m trying to make a multi-language app with messages inside multiple *.properties files. I’ve started working on something like this: Now, there’s a lot of messages, and I don’t feel like typing the same thing each time (plus there could me typos which could be an issue…). The first solution I thought of was to loop through all of the

SpringBoot app does not run with exceptions

I am new at Spring Boot so I’m trying to create a simple Crud but I keep getting this error when I run my application I spose it must be some version problem but I don’t know how to fix it. I created the project with STS on ubuntu using mostly default options Answer It looks like you have java

Why is my app Crashing with RecyclerView?

I’m doing a recycler method in my android studio project but i have a problem. Everytime i’m trying to findViewById my application is crashing. And i don’t understand why because i’m creating my view in the good way. And i’m trying to continue with that But i’m crashing at the line recyView = view.findViewById(;. My is not empty. And

Intersections of given sets with repeat of elements

Logic to count intersections in a given set is correct for no repetitive pattern, but for this set, the output count is wrong. Code output is 8 Expected output to be 3 Answer Try the following code. I use Math.min() for the second statement of for-loop to avoid IndexOutOfBounds error Output is 3

Solving a matrix equation in Java

I have been trying to implement the given formula in JAVA but i was unsuccessful. Can someone help me find what I am doing wrong? Do i need to shift the summation index and if so how? My code: Answer Just trying to collect all my comments under the question into one coherent answer, since there are quite a few

I tried to set enum field by reflection

I have two enums with vararg property and @FieldEnrich annotation. Annotation looks like Annotation is processing by object The logic is as follows. We annotate an enum member with the annotation @FieldEnrich and pass the property we would like to read value from and the name of the field to which we set the value of the property. I was

JPQL issue updating records

Trying to update a record in a database but getting this error: Code below is responsible for inserting it Im not sure if there is a type issue with propId being a Long or if i have written the SQL paths wrong or both. Answer You’re trying to execute an SQL query as JPQL. There are a couple options to

Doubling one letter with each new occurence

so I have task to double number of letter “a” every time it occurs in a string. For example sentence “a cat walked on the road” , at the end must be “aa caaaat waaaaaaaalked on the roaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” . I had something like this on my mind but it doubles every charachter, not only “a”. Answer You need to check