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Tag: inheritance

Lombok with SuperBuilder

I have a Java project that uses Lombok ( a java library that automatically plugs into the editor and build tools ) @Getter @SuperBuilder @NoArgsConstructor @AllArgsConstructor @EqualsAndHashCode(of = {…

Using Inheritance like this is right?

I’m student learning Inheritance in Java. I’m making a program (Bitcoin Mining Game). In the program, there are different kind of digger (Mining Machine): ordinary digger (this only does digging coin), overclock digger (this can dig and can overclock to dig faster) and durability recover digger (this can dig, overclock and recover durability (every digger has durability, durability drops while

Java inheritance using super keyword

I am using inheritance along with super function in my program ,but when I am extending my class it showing error message “There is no default constructor in ‘cc’. ” . This error message is coming after 1st subclass is extended and trying to make 2nd subclass. Here is the code Answer dd inherits cc, so it’ll have to call

Are static variables inherited

I have read at 1000’s of locations that Static variables are not inherited. But then how this code works fine? This code prints “Parent”. Also read at few locations concept of data hiding. Now the output is “Child”. So does this mean that static variables are inherited but they follow the concept of data-hiding? Answer Please

Java: how to have an array of subclass types?

Say I have a super class “Animal” and subclasses “Cat”, Dog, Bird”. Is there a way to have an array of subclass type rather than class instances with which I’ll be able to instantiate instances of each possible subclass? To simplify, I want this: How can I do that? Edit: I don’t want an array of instances of these subclasses,