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Python : Java throws equivalent in python

Not attempting to compare the languages but just for knowledge, Is there any way to have equivalent of java throws keyword/functionality in Python? or the way we can recognize checked exception …

How to pass an action name using hyperlink in Struts 2?

I have a hyperlink named “Click for new User”. Once I click the link, I got NullPointerException instead of opening RegisterPage.jsp page. I post my code here, I can’t find my mistake index.jsp: struts.xml: Class): Exception: Answer When you click on hyperlink you don’t supply the request URL with parameters username and password (the parameters aren’t set by the

Java collections faster than c++ containers?

I was reading the comments on this answer and I saw this quote. Object instantiation and object-oriented features are blazing fast to use (faster than C++ in many cases) because they’re designed in from the beginning. and Collections are fast. Standard Java beats standard C/C++ in this area, even for most optimized C code. One user (with really high rep

How do I get the `.class` attribute from a generic type parameter?

The accepted answer to this question describes how to create an instance of T in the Generic<T> class. This involves passing in a Class<T> parameter to the Generic constructor and callin the newInstance method from that. A new instance of Generic<Bar> is then created, and the parameter Bar.class is passed in. What do you do if the generic type parameter