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jacoco with both outputs: file and tcpserver

I am using eclipse 2019-12 in a JDK8 project and I want to check the coverage as I am using a web application through web Browser. For this I have configured Tomcat Server 8 in eclipse and launched with two options (both OK): -javaagent:”/tools/eclipse/dropins/jacoco-0.8.7/lib/jacocoagent.jar=output=tcpserver,address=,port=8011,includes=com.mypckg.*” -javaagent:”C:finconsumtoolseclipsedropinsjacoco-0.8.7libjacocoagent.jar=output=file,destfile=/tmp/jacoco.exec,append=true,includes=com.mypckg.*” As I need to check what I am coveraging during the execution AND store the

Eclipse – Java – Gradle is skipping jacocoTestReport

Project structure: Gradle version : 2.2.1 Here is my build.gradle when I run gradle task as “test jacocoTestReport”, I am getting the below results can someone please suggest what should be added to execute jacoco test report. Thanks. Answer I was able to generate the code coverage results with the following set up.

Jacoco Maven multi module project coverage

Seems like there are couple of questions, which are quite old and things changed from Java 8 support of Jacoco. My Project contains following structure I have configured the main pom like this Main POM.xml A Pom.xml B pom.xml I am executing this command mvn clean package. I can see jacoco.exec is getting generated, however I am not able to

Running jacocoReport

I’m using Gradle 1.7 and Jacoco plugin. My project uses Java and Scala plugins. When I run gradlew -i clean jacocoTestReport Report is not created and I see in the log What does it mean? Why report is not created? Answer The task will only run if coverage data is available. You can make sure of that by also running