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JUnit: @Before only for some test methods?

I have some common set up code that I’ve factored out to a method marked with @Before. However, it is not necessary for all this code to run for every single test. Is there a way to mark it so the @Before method only runs before certain tests? Answer Just move out the tests that don’t need the setup code

How is Eclipse Mylyn useful?

In my Eclipse Preferences -> Java -> Editor -> Content Assist -> Advanced settings, I see the following: Java Non-Type Proposals Java Proposals Java Proposals (Task-focused) Java Type Proposals JPA Proposals (is always empty for me) PDE API Tools Proposals (gets skipped when checked in the Content-Assist Cycling settings) SWT Template Proposals (always empty) Template Proposals (always empty) Word Proposals

Where to store application data (non-user specific) on Linux

In my OSGi-based Java application I am developing a bundle to provide the rest of the system with access to the file system. In addition to providing access to the user home directory, I also wish to provide access to a non-user specific area. Exactly what this area will be used for is as yet undetermined, but it will not

Why is list.size()>0 slower than list.isEmpty() in Java?

Why is list.size()>0 slower than list.isEmpty() in Java? On other words why isEmpty() is preferable over size()>0? When I look at the implementation in ArrayList, then it looks like the speed should be the same: ArrayList.size() ArrayList.isEmpty() If we just write a simple program to get the time take by both the methods, that case size() will take more isEmpty()

UTF-16 to ASCII conversion in Java

Having ignored it all this time, I am currently forcing myself to learn more about unicode in Java. There is an exercise I need to do about converting a UTF-16 string to 8-bit ASCII. Can someone …