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Creating Jar with Intellij 2016 – No main manifest attribute

I am getting no main manifest attribute while running the jar create by Intellij. I extracted the jar and observed that there was another manifest file, not the one I had specified while creating artifact. When I open manifest in IDE, it displays everything right but after creating jar I get a whole new manifest file. I tried every solution

How to use drag and drop in IntelliJ for java swing

I am using IntelliJ for java application development using swing . It is difficult to manage content using layout manager. So, is there is any facility to make drag and drop features like in visual studio for… Answer You can use IntelliJ’s GUI designer JetBrains website has some resources detailing how to use it: Designing GUI. Major Steps Creating

Lombok: RequiredArgsConstructor is not working

It seems that @RequiredArgsConstructor not working in the code below. Why is it? I get the error: For some reason seems it does work for other domain class in which no constructor defined but instead used the @RequiredArgsConstructor annotation. Answer According to Documentation, Required arguments are final fields and fields with constraints such as @NonNull. You need to make username