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Tag: spring

Unexpected empty result using spring query method

I am building an application with a REST API using spring boot and JPA connected to a MySQL database. To search for names in the User class I have implemented a query method: List< User > findByFirstnameLike( String name ); This method only returns a result on an exact match, which is not what I wanted. Have I misunderstood something

Spring Security – multiple logged users

I have a problem with Spring Security configuration. When I log in on one computer as a user1 and then I will log in as a user2 on another computer, the first computer after refresh sees everything as a user2. In other words, it is impossible to have two sessions with different users at the same time. Configuration: Spring Security

Spring: overriding one from command line

I have an file with default variable values. I want to be able to change ONE of them upon running with mvn spring-boot:run. I found how to change the whole file, but I only want to change one or two of these properties. Answer You can pass in individual properties as command-line arguments. For example, if you wanted to

Unable to Send Mail – Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection?

We are sending Mail using Spring JavaMailSenderImpl. Following is the configuration Properties File :- Console Logs We are convinced that this is not related to the SSL certificate as there are other web applications deployed in the same server which sends email perfectly with the same configuration. What could be the issue here ? Answer You want either mail.smtp.ssl.enable for