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How to search in parent entity scope when using spring boot data rest

Now I know how to findBySomething on root level entity. Let’s say I have a one to many relation of class -> student I can now students/search/findByName?name=Tom But it will give me Tom in all classes. Can I do something like classes/1/students/search/findByName?name=Tom It gives error right now. Answer in StudentController in StudentService in StudentRepository (I use mongoDB; if u use

Prototyped bean not triggering Scheduled method in Spring Boot

I’m using Java 17, spring-boot 2.7.3 and spring 5.3.22 dependencies. I have prototyped beans as follows: My application class: I annotated the InsertTransactionDetailsByScheduleAPIInteractor also as prototype in order to have a new instance of the inner beans per schedule execution, but somehow the @Scheduled method only runs when I have a singleton InsertTransactionDetailsByScheduleAPIInteractor bean, which in my use case I

Store bearerToken until expires

I have an application that consumes a REST service from another server, which has its own authentication method to be able to consume its services. Today, for each request we have, I am calling the authentication service then i receivethe bearerToken (which has a duration of 3 hours) and after that I call the endpoint I want to use. The

Mockito not working when using Model Mapper

I have an User class: And an UpdateUserDTO class: And an UserDTO class: I’ve used Model Mapper to map the updated fields from updateUserDTO to user, which comes from the DB. My test class looks like this: But the first Mockito.when() line does not even compile, because is a void method, so it does not expect any return values.