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Tag: gradle

Gradle build ignores Jetbrains annotations

Let’s say we have the following test code: The test will pass when running gradle test directly or if IDEA delegates the action to gradle. But it will fail with IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter ‘value’ must not be null exception if it runs using IDEA runner (not delegated to gradle). The question is: how to fail the test running

Gradle is failing on malformed pom.xml in Central Maven

I have this gradle script snippet: Now when running a build, Gradle consistently fails on downloading transitive dependencies and gives me this message: When I had a look at the content of the pom.xml file from the repository, I noticed that, although the pom.xml is in the right place, it indicates a version different than what is expected. In this

How to specify source and target compatibility in Java module?

I have a Gradle project consisting of an Android module (the plugin is applied in the build.gradle file) and a Java module (the java plugin is applied in the build.gradle file). Within the build.gradle file of the Java module I was previously specifying the source and target compatibility as follows: I’ve just updated the project’s “Android Plugin for Gradle”

Eclipse – Java – Gradle is skipping jacocoTestReport

Project structure: Gradle version : 2.2.1 Here is my build.gradle when I run gradle task as “test jacocoTestReport”, I am getting the below results can someone please suggest what should be added to execute jacoco test report. Thanks. Answer I was able to generate the code coverage results with the following set up.