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Tag: while-loop

Ordered or unordered Sequence problem in java

I am facing problem in solving the question below:- (can someone please help????) Write a program that reads a sequence of integer numbers and outputs true if the sequence is ordered (in ascending or descending order), otherwise, false. Keep in mind, if a number has the same value as the following number, it does not break the order. The sequence

Variable might be assigned in loop?

I don’t know why the code is not compiling when final variable is initialized in loop and loop iterate only one time? Is Loop is somehow running more than one time and multiple assignments is done to variable x? Answer The compiler does not care how many times the code in the loop will be executed at run time. To

Password Checker in java with do while

I need to write a password checker which ensures that password correct. Firstly I prompt the user enter the password Secondly, I prompt the user to reenter the password thirdly, I need to check that the passwords are identical But this steps need to repeat 1 through 3 until password is correctly entered twice. Here is my code. But i