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Tag: spring-mvc

How does pathVar Attribute of @MatrixVariable annotation works in Spring?

I was reading regarding the @Matrixvariable annotation in Spring doc Spring Doc I have Understood this simple syntax // GET /pets/42;q=11;r=22 but having problem in understanding the below snippet What is this syntax @MatrixVariable(pathVar=”petId””) I haven’t understood the pathVar attribute of Matrixvariable annotation? This line is ok for me // matrixVars: [“q” : [11,22], “r” : 12, “s” : 23]

How to resolve SQLServerException: Invalid object name?

I am creating a spring boot application using MS SQL server. I have a requirement where I need to initialize USERS table in user_database database using data.sql file placed in /src/main/resources/ folder and rest of the tables should be created automatically in springboot_db database with the help of @Table annotation. Below is the code snippet. file data.sql (One

Spring save locale and change locale when user logs in

I have a spring application that I want users to be able to change the preferred locale. Currently users can change the locale for the current session but I want to be able to save the users option so that whenever they log in, the saved locale is used if one exists. I have a mysql database which I’m using