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Tag: spring-mvc

>> converted to �

One of the application user has reported that they are seeing � instartd of >> on their home and other pages. There are about 100 users and only one user has this issue. The user is using IE11. what may be the cause of this issue. Answer You should have this on top of your jsp files: If you have

What will happen if we interchange @service and @repository annotation in the spring MVC

Why we needs to use @service inside the service Implementation and @repository in the DAO Implementation. There are no problem occur when I interchange the @service and @repository annotation in the spring MVC. Answer According to documentaion @Repository,@Service,@Controller are all synonyms. They all are just specializations of @Component annotation. So, generally, they can be used one instead of other. But

Spring Boot classpath

In the Spring Boot’s docs here, about serving static content, it says: By default Spring Boot will serve static content from a directory called /static (or /public or /resources or /META-INF/resources) in the classpath. I found that all the content in the directory: will be copied inside the classpath, so I can put my static content in: and all will

spring combine two validation annotations in one

I’m using Spring+Hibernate+Spring-MVC. I want to define a custom constraint combining two other predefined validation annotations: @NotNull @Size like this: and I want to use this annotation in my form models. But it does not work. It accepts the less than 4 character passwords. How can I solve this problem? Answer This is a bit late, but technique of