Connect Spring MVC with aws documentDB

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I’m using mongoDB with aws ec2 instance it’s working fine and I’ve moved mongoDB to aws documentDB, So i’m not able to connect documentDB with same code, So any one can u please help me if you have idea.

Here is my connection code in Spring MVC:

public MongoDbFactory mongoDbFactory() throws UnknownHostException {
   return new SimpleMongoDbFactory(new MongoClient(env.getProperty(""), Integer.parseInt(env.getProperty("mongo.database.port"))), env.getProperty(""));

Spring, Hibernet and mongoDB version: spring -4.2.5
spring-data-MongoDB -1.10.14
mongo-java-driver -3.5.0


To connect using TLS, you will have to import the rds-combined-ca-bundle file. I would suggest go through: and check the sample logic given for java.

Source: stackoverflow