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Save a Resultset to an Array in java

I want to save the result of a whole Mysql table in an array it returns this to me from the database run: brandon Brandon Julio Daniel BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 1 second) I want to save what is in the database in an array to be able to implement it with a sort and search method that’s why I

ResultSet to HashMap

I am trying to pass the output of a ResultSet to Java HashMap. While the Output1 is showing all the records(from the DB). The put command only takes the last value from the ResultSet in. Output1: Output2: How do I make the put command to iterate over the results from the ResultSet? Answer All your IDs are identical (502332262), and

Oracle doesn’t remove cursors after closing result set

Note: we reuse single connection. Answer The init.ora parameter open_cursors defines the maximum of opened cursors a session can have at once. It has a default value of 50. If the application exceeds this number the error “ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded” is raised. Therefore it’s mandatory to close the JDBC resources when they are not needed any longer, in