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Tag: profiling

How to profile branch prediction hitrate in Java

Is there a tool available to profile java applications regarding branch (mis)prediction statistics for if statements? I know VisualVM and JDK Mission Control but did not find such functionality. Answer No such tool exists. It is generally impossible to extract that information from CPU, you can either measure performance of code block, or emulate execution of code and collect such

Profiling Java code changes execution times

I’m trying to optimize my code, but it’s giving me problems. I’ve got this list of objects: There is 1700 objects with unique id (0-1699) and some name, it’s used to decode what type of data I get later on. The method that I try to optimize works like that: This method is called about milion times when processing data

Java VisualVM does not show/list my tomcat java process

I am using jdk64 and my java version is 1.6.0_24. I am running both (Tomcat java process and VisualVM) processes as Administrator on Windows Server 2008. Tomcat is running with -Xmx7196m, where as jvisualvm is running with -Xms24m and -Xmx256m. Could this be the cause? Answer You need to add the JMX parameters to enable the JMX connection to your

VisualVM launcher error

I’m trying to use the Eclipse VisualVM launcher. It seems pretty nice, except that it seems to spawn an instance if VisualVM too late to do any profiling of my application. My application finishes execution before the profiler is even initialized; once it starts up, an error window pops up, saying: cannot open requested application. It then shows VM running