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Tag: jvisualvm

Profiled application started too soon

When I try to perform the application startup profiling getting Profiled application started too soon have attached error message screenshot below. This warning shows after I forcibly killed a previously profiled application. Have restarted my system but still shows that warning. Thanks in advance. Answer After analysing the visualvm source code, there is a file (${user.home}/.nbprofiler/5140) which will be create

How to extract a HashMap from a Java heap dump

I have a Java heap dump generated using jmap. This contains a HashMap which I need to extract into a text format (CSV would be fine). The HashMap is fairly large so I need a scripted solution. Using JVisualVM I can find the HashMap. However, there doesn’t seem to be a way to export its data. After some experimentation I

Java VisualVM does not show/list my tomcat java process

I am using jdk64 and my java version is 1.6.0_24. I am running both (Tomcat java process and VisualVM) processes as Administrator on Windows Server 2008. Tomcat is running with -Xmx7196m, where as jvisualvm is running with -Xms24m and -Xmx256m. Could this be the cause? Answer You need to add the JMX parameters to enable the JMX connection to your

Difference between sampling and profiling in jVisualVM

VisualVM has two separate tabs for sampling and profiling. What is the difference between sampling and profiling in VisualVM? Answer Sampling means taking lots of thread dumps and analyzing stack traces. This is usually faster, does not require runtime changes in your bytecode (which may break it), but is also less accurate. Profiling means instrumenting your classes and methods, so