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Tag: passwords

Find passwords values in JSON objects using Regex

I have a big JSON object which contains a lot of different JSON, most of them have the structure below (key: sometext-v1.password, and value: password for example: I want to use Regex to extract all passwords by a name which contains ‘password’ string and its value, but I don’t want to iterate the JSON name by name because this takes

Can’t display the strength of password

For my password strength checker, I am unable to display the score that I get from the password that I enter. Here is the code below, the problem is displayed all the way at the bottom of my code: /** * Determine if the given string contains an upper case letter * @param s the string to check * @return

How to check if a PDF is Password Protected or not

I am trying to use iText’s PdfReader to check if a given PDF file is password protected or not, but am getting this exception: Exception in thread “Main Thread” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:org/bouncycastle/asn1/ASN1OctetString But when testing the same code against a non-password protected file it runs fine. Here is the complete code: Answer Use Apache PDFBox – Java PDF Library from here:Sample Code: