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Tag: maven

How to deal with missing src/test/java source folder in Android/Maven project?

I’m not very experienced with Maven in combination with Android yet, so I followed these instructions to make a new Android project. When the project has been created, I get the following error message: Project ‘xxx-1.0-SNAPSHOT’ is missing required source folder: ‘src/test/java’ When I try to add a new source folder with New->Other->Java-Source Folder with src/test/java, I get another error

How to add Java JAR files to Grails project?

I have a few Java/Maven projects that I want to use in a Grails 2.0.4 project. I have tried various approaches, such as: Installing the JAR files in my local maven repository, and executing grails install-dependency Copying the JAR files into the lib folder of grails. Adding compile to the dependencies section of BuildConfig.groovy Uncommenting mavenLocal() and passing

How to download SNAPSHOT version from maven SNAPSHOT repository?

So I have a project and I do regular releases to maven without a problem. I now want to make available a SNAPSHOT version of this project. So I do ‘mvn clean deploy’. Everything works as you can see below: [INFO] Retrieving previous build number from sonatype-nexus-snapshots Uploading: 5K uploaded (menta-regex-0.9.6-20111010.153035-2.jar) I go to my sonatype manager and I

How can I scan a maven repository?

I’m developing a code-sharing plugin for eclipse (for a bachelor thesis project). Currently I’m trying to scan a maven repository and generate a package list. I can download and parse a pom.xml using the maven.model classes, but I can’t figure out which maven classes are responsible for parsing of archetype-catalog.xml Is there a non maven parser? Can I just scan

How to upload sources to local Maven repository

Suppose I have a Maven 2 Java project on my local machine. I build the project .jar file and push it to my local Maven repo, using mvn install. Question: How can I force Maven to also push the project sources jar to the local repo? This is useful if I’ll use the above mentioned project as dependency while developing