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Tag: maven

Lombok not compiling in maven

I am trying to compile my project that uses lombok through maven and i am getting the following issue: [INFO] ———————————————————————— [INFO] Building …

Does Spring Boot support multimodule maven projects?

I’m just curious about the level of support Spring Boot has for multimodule maven projects. There’s so much work that has to be done when creating a good layered set of projects (especially getting the various JPA/JDO enhancers set up). All of the samples I’ve seen put everything into one project, which is fine for simple demos. Can Spring Boot

junit test for stateless ejb + jpa

I would like to write a junit test for my stateless ejb + jpa demo code. I think it is actually not a junit test, it is an integration test. I have a stateless ejb with an injected EntityManager and PostgreSQL database server is used. I use CDI (Spring is not used in my project) and EclipseLink with a persistent.xml

SonarQube with Radar-Netbeans Plugin Exception

I am trying to analyze my code with radar-netbeans 2.4 plug-in on my 8.0.2 NetBeans IDE, at first my sonar-runner wasn’t even executing, but after I read this post: “Netbeans Radar Plugin Configuration”, I was able to get my sonar-runner to execute until I got this exception: Is there something I can do to fix this exception? Keepin mind that

unable to run Htmlunit application using Maven dependency

I have added Htmlunit Maven dependency by adding the following to my pom.xml When I am trying to run the application, I am getting the following error: The following is my pom.xml, as my pom.xml is very lengthy I have removed some of the sections like properties, profiles, etc. Answer You need to remove the direct HttpClient dependency, because it

Nexus & Maven Corporate Pom – What should it contain?

We are currently evaluating to establish an internal company nexus repository for our java development. Unfortunately there are still some questions unanswered, but maybe you can help. A parent pom for all projects inside the company seems to be best practice. What is not clear is what this pom should contain, besides the <organization>section. Is it best practice to also